Circle the globe by exclusively chartered private jet, and experience the incredible diversity of Earth’s wildlife — arguably the true wonder of the world — from the noble Bengal tiger and placid whale shark to the endangered mountain gorilla and playful lemur. Travel in a small group of 48 guests on a customized jet equipped with fully lie-flat seats, staying in luxurious accommodations along the way and encountering iconic animals with the best experts at your side. Best of a
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It’s been said that there’s always a fresh wind blowing in Alberta. We couldn’t agree more. If you’re partial to natural beauty, Alberta has it in spades. From the prairies of Calgary to the peaks of Banff National Park to the deep turquoise waters of Lake Louise. From the noble traditions of First Nations to…
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Escape to another world of old-world charm with 6 days in Montreal and Québec City, where cobblestones pave the way through French-infused culture, cuisine, and characteristic architecture. Royal, sacred, and sweet surprises await you with French-Canadian and First Nations gems in the city where Cartier himself was the first European to visit. What a jewel…
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